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The PIVOT (PIlar Versatile Observation Turret) is a rapid deployable man-portable system composed of a high speed pan-andtilt turret equipped with a Day Dawn Camera driven by a Control Unit with a high resolution & high brightness LCD screen. The PIVOT system is designed to be linked to a PILARw Acoustic Gunfire Detection System (GDS). The PIVOT Control Unit processes GDS azimuth and elevation outputs to rotate and tilt the PIVOT Turret in the proper direction to provide a picture of a shot origin in real time. PIVOT can also be used as a stand alone surveillance system.

Multi-Mission Flexibility
PIVOT greatly enhances observation and target acquisition capabilities, making it ideal for a variety of applications and environments, including infantry units, special forces, forward observers, reconnaissance patrols, and peace-keeping forces. The PIVOT allows automatic or manual scanning of a user-defined potential threat area to have capacities to survey the potential threat area. In case of a shot detection by the GDS, the PIVOT Turret can be automatically cued to the localized position and then manually scanned and zoomed to perform a detailed investigation of the area.

Simple to operate
Intuitive and easy to use, PIVOT is operated through user-friendly menus and controls. The PIVOT system is passive, does not require full time attention from the user and captures images day and night, in all kinds of weather. For recording, PIVOT is capable of feeding images into a Digital Video Cassette Recorder and capturing video on an external PC (optional).

Custom Platform Integration
Integrated pan/tilt head : goggles, cameras, and other sensors via the RS-232 interface. Configurations for integration into a wide variety of platforms and sensors are also available from 01dB-METRAVIB Systems.